41: Eclipsing Those Life Lessons🌔

Hello beautiful friends of the Ohm-g community. This is Brenda Sue here! Where is this year going??!! Time seems to be moving forward at a breathtaking pace. So tell me ya’ll, how ya’ll doing with this eclipse season? Are you thriving or barely surviving? I’ll be honest, it has been rough. Spirit has literally sat…

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40: Hand That Girl A Mic🎙️🎧

She started out as an Ohm-G podcast listener, and liked what she heard.  She bought us a bottle here and there, and kept on listening.  She then got a “Superwitch” membership, and now our #1 fan has morphed into a full-fledged podcast member. I’m delighted to introduce you to our new friend and podcast partner,…

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39: Purging and Processing💻🧑‍🏫

Hey y’all, Aaron here! I am writing this on a Sunday evening.. THE Sunday evening.. The one before a new school year. “Sunday Scaries” are real for so many of us. But I truly believe, as the kids would say, “Hits Different” when you’re a teacher. I’ve been purging and processing (note to self, trademark…

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