8: What Do You Need Most? YOU 💞💫

Hey there, it’s Aaron from the Ohm-G Podcast again!

This past week was very stressful for me, as it was the last week of school. That’s right, y’all – it is officially SUMMER! Speaking of which, if you are in The Triad area (or North Carolina at all), the girls and I will be setting up a vendor space at The Summer Solstice Festival in Greensboro, NC at The Arboretum. It is Saturday, June 18th from 2pm – 8pm. We will have drawings for prizes, tarot and oracle readings, essential oils and jewelry for purchase, as well as practicing reiki and energy healing on folks. If you aren’t around but know someone who is and would be interested, have them pay us a visit! We would love to meet all of you face-to-face! You can find out more information with this link:  https://www.greensborosummersolstice.org

Okay, now that I’ve shamelessly plugged the event we’ll be participating in and gotten you all excited about it (right? You’re excited? That’s right!), I’ll continue on with my message about stress, anxiety, and being “stuck in my head.”

This past weekend I was having a panic attack, which hasn’t happened for me in quite some time. Reflecting back on it, I think I was FINALLY still for the first time in a long time and my mind just started acting like a hamster running on a wheel after drinking 3 Red Bulls. 

I started to color on an app on the iPad (which tends to help calm me and get me out of my head) but this time it wasn’t working. I decided to put on a video from Joanna The Healer. Y’all, if you have never heard of her before or never watched her, PLEASE go check out her YouTube channel after reading this! She is an amazing channeler, and when I put her video on, she had 3 piles of cards to choose from – and which ever one you chose was the message from Spirit that you were supposed to hear in that moment.

I was immediately drawn to pile 2. As she began to channel messages for pile 2, she said “Wow. You are so in your head right now. In fact, I’m getting a little bit of a headache.” I stopped coloring and started to tear up. She then went on to say some things about me not taking care of myself, which is also true, and that I need A LOT of rest in the coming weeks. Thank goodness for summer vacation, right? She said that subconsciously I (and other pile 2 folks) have a need to be needed, which is why we put others before ourselves constantly and do not care for ourselves the way we should. We fear, subconsciously, that if we aren’t “needed” people will leave and we will be all alone. 

Damn, Joanna! Call me a book because you are READING me, hunty! 

I also feel like this message wouldn’t have been received in the same way if I were not in a panicked state of mine. It was all divine timing.

She then went on to talk about how this stems from our mothers who felt the same way and put everyone first and it didn’t work out for them. All of these things were hitting me right in my heart chakra and it was so therapeutic and healing. Now that I am aware of these patterns and tendencies, I can work to understand where they are coming from and not repeat them.

I am resting. I am saying “no.” I am starting to drink less alcohol, more water, and eating healthier foods. I am understanding my own value and my own worth. I AM needed because I need me. 

I need for you to realize the same thing about yourselves, sweet souls. YOU NEED YOU. 

I even recommend (as I did) standing in front of the mirror and repeating “I need me.” Until you mean it, until you feel it. 

I hope this message resonated with some of you today, and I hope you check out Joanna The Healer on YouTube. She is FABULOUS! 

I also hope those of you who are able to come visit us at our vendor tent at The Summer Solstice Festival do so! We all look forward to seeing your beautiful faces, to be greeted with your shining light.


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