Episode 18: I Like Past Lives & I Cannot Lie

Hello everyone and welcome to this episode of the podcast. Jump into the past with us as we delve into our own experiences in past lives and in past life regression therapies. Understanding these parts of our past selves can help us to heal karmic ties and work through issues that we still carry over from our soul’s other experiences.

We start off the conversation about what we each think happens when we die. We each have our own unique take on it. What do you think happens? Do we need to make amends of the negative things we did here on this earth or does death clear the slate? Can we decide whether we want to come back or not? Do we have a giant reunion with all of the other souls we have intertwined with through the different incarnations? We discuss the beliefs that we grew up with and how that affects us now and how we have also changed our perspective or belief system around death.

Brenda brings us back from the break with her beliefs and her experiences with her grandfather. One of the reasons she believes that we have “jobs” to do on the other side as well as “schools” of learning and growth for our souls.

Rosalie starts the discussion and shares her hypnosis experience and how she experienced a past life. She discusses how the hypnosis and her phobias connect with her past life experiences. Shout out to Ellie McFalls, check her out at masteryworksinc.com .

Alexandra shares her past life experience, having the ability to heal her past gave her hope for the future. She shared another experience of being blind in another lifetime. If we can heal who we were and the struggles we have been through in our past selves then we can help heal our current lifetime issues.

Aaron whips out his WOO CARD and shares that he has dreams that feel like he is in another body. Is this astral travel or past life memories? It is a mystery. Lumberjack Aaron, get the visual!

Lastly, Brenda shares her most recent past life experience! Listen to her stories about an experience she had with Melissa Sparrow. Melissa will be on our next episode of the podcast to discuss how she works with the Akashic Records and healing.

We will catch you on the next podcast!


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We will catch you on the next podcast!

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