Episode 56: WooWoo Wisdom 3.17.2023

Ohm-g Podcast members, Brenda and Chandra, do oracle card readings for friends and fans of the podcast. Several requests for general guidance today and a consensus of a feeling of struggle this past week. A couple of messages kept reappearing today in multiple readings. The first was Abundance in many forms, and the second was Mending. There was a feeling of lots of the old and outdated falling away and a repairing of the space they left in order to prepare for the great abundance that is on the way.

6:00 Tinayah
11:15 Margaret
19:10 Lisa
21:53 Sandy
26:50 Terri
29:35 Oceanhappy
33:35 Tovi
37:50 Michelle
39:38 Red
45:00 Shaun
47:20 SacredMeow

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