Episode 8: The Kids are Alright Part 2

We introduce Part 2 of The Kids Are Alright as we welcome back our special guests Lauryn, Corrine, Lena, and Mr. Jacob.

On this episode we get down to nitty gritty of the subjects that affect these girls specifically but for teens in general. Corrine feels like there is a lot of peer pressure around how you dress and what you do. Lena says she feels pressure about getting assignments completed. Lauryn says that she used to feel peer pressure about her clothes as she is finding her own sense of style.

We spoke on the awareness of bullying and how we can switch up the narrative by seeing the bully as a person who is hurting on some level. How it can be hurtful and also hard to speak up for yourself in the moment.

Mr. Luck has been teaching for 3 years now. He was not trained as a traditional teacher. He has created the cultural arts program at their school that is based on his life experience as well as prior work experience.

Lauryn feels like the biggest challenge for kids her age right now is how to interact with each other and socialize. Corrine says that social media is the biggest challenge for her personally. She feels like she wouldn’t have any friends if she didn’t have social media. Lena said that during lockdown she stopped using Snapchat and she actually lost friends because she wasn’t connecting on social media.

Mr. Jacob is happy that he has the opportunity to allow kids to have a space to explore their creative side. Mr. Jacob talks about his experiences at their age. He discusses the peer pressure that he felt from his father to be a football player but that he was also really interested in the band. The peer pressures from his middle school days was finding your clique.

The girls discuss their favorite books and why they made an impact.

Brenda asked Lena if she could do anything what would it be? She wants to travel the world and be a photographer, as a side note, don’t we all! Corrine wants to be a teacher! Her mother and grandmother both are and she wants to follow in their footsteps. She wants to help people by teaching them things. She also wants to help with the environment. Lauryn wants to do something to help the planet. Maybe a park ranger, biologist, and a writer. Mr. Jacob wanted to be a music teacher when he was their age. Then he wanted to be a culinary artist which evolved into acting, then teaching. He says when he grows up he wants to be a therapist, specifically a school counselor. Brenda wanted to be a horse jockey.

Mr. Jacob talks about the challenges of teaching during Covid restrictions. Of course we had to discuss TikTok challenges again. Hopefully that is the end of the ridiculous TikTok challenges.
Brenda asks the girls what makes them really happy. Corrine says rain, she love the smell of rain, she also loves coffee, and she loves to write poems. Lena loves hanging out with her friends because they make her laugh.

Lauryn loves the rain too! She likes to do self-care when she is feeling down. Mr. Jacob says his family and his fiancé make him happy. He also loves to travel. Brenda says that hanging out with her friends makes her happy. She also loves traveling but who doesn’t?

Corrine ends the show on one of her poems: ends us on a sad note. This girl is deep. She says that no one is okay and we are reminded every day when we look in the mirror.

“When parents pull out the “disappointment” card, that’s when things get real.” Corrine


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