Episode 66: A Charmed Life

Of course we are all trying to manifest a better life. To attract to us the life of our dreams and pursue our passion. In becoming aware of your vibrational state as you try to manifest, have you ever caught yourself looking back? Can you remember a time when you saw yourself as very low…

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Episode 36: Who’s The Crew Outside the Woo?

Hello Friends! Join the Crew and get to know us all just a little better! Believe it or not, woo is not the only thing we are into. Most of us have interesting hobbies or other businesses that we run outside of the podcast. Although many of us will admit, all the woo-woo stuff is…

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Episode 10: Why Try Dry

Join the crew of Ohm-g Podcast along with our special guests Cecilia Dombrowski and Brittany Redeker as we discuss sobriety. Cecilia and Brittany share their story of what led them to sobriety. Moving into “Dry January” we discuss the normalization of alcohol consumption. Brenda starts out the discussion about how she has been “trying dry”….

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