Episode 10: Why Try Dry

Join the crew of Ohm-g Podcast along with our special guests Cecilia Dombrowski and Brittany Redeker as we discuss sobriety. Cecilia and Brittany share their story of what led them to sobriety. Moving into “Dry January” we discuss the normalization of alcohol consumption.

Brenda starts out the discussion about how she has been “trying dry”. As a result, she has realized that she has been using alcohol as a coping mechanism to give her mind a break from thinking and her soul from feeling.

Aaron asks our guests to share with us what led them to choose sobriety. Cecilia has been sober for over 500 days and she can’t imagine drinking again. Brittany shared that as a teenager she didn’t understand how being an empath affected her, subsequently alcohol was a way for her to not have her feelings and the feelings of everyone around her. Brittany is almost 6 years sober! As you will hear from the discussion they had very different reasons for becoming sober. We appreciate their honesty and vulnerability in sharing their stories with us and with all of you listening.

Both of our guest share some very valid and insightful tricks and tools they employ on their sobriety journey. As you listen I’m sure you will see that many of these tools can be useful in other challenges we face daily.

Next our guests share insight on how we can support others who are choosing a life of sobriety. Cecilia wishes people would learn how to react to people who don’t drink. Her pet peeve is to be introduced as the “sober friend.” Likewise, you don’t have to understand why someone makes the decision to be sober, just respect it and be a support to their journey.

Brenda shares that people may feel uncomfortable with others’ sobriety because they have to look at their own relationship with alcohol.

Parting advice: Reach out on social media or AA. There is a ton of support on social media, where you can share your story and create a support system. For those supporting friends with substance abuse issues, know that they will not have success until they decide to do it for themselves.

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2 comments on “Episode 10: Why Try Dry

  1. Garlic Kathy says:

    Thank you for sharing the podcast #10 Why Try Dry. I am a newly recovering alcoholic. I just got a chip for being sober for 5 months and 6 days or 157 days. This is all new to me, but it is something I had to do. I enjoyed listening to your speakers. They were very clear and simple and right on. I attend AA about 2 meetings a day and listening to others share has helped me see that I have a disease and it has ruined my life. So I am not drinking anymore and yes it is very difficult, Drinking was not a solution for me. I never got a DUI, or was homeless, or out of a job, so I didn’t think I had a problem. But I did.
    Thank you for talking about the disease of alcoholism. Society doesn’t put you down for having heart disease, liver disease or diabetes.
    I follow your Woo Woo Wisdom and enjoy every bit of it. Thank you for talking about hard subjects.
    Garlic Kathy

    1. We see you Kathy. Awakening and evolving looks different for each of us. We appreciate you allowing us to hold space for you in this part of your healing journey. We are so proud of you and grateful you are part of our community! You are amazing G.Kath and we are here for you every step of the way!!!
      Chandra , Brenda, and the rest of the Woo Crew.

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