31: Are You There Guides? It’s Camillionaire 🙋‍♀️

Hello sweet friend,

Spirit Guides. If you are reading this, you probably already know about them. Do you talk to them, and if so – how often? I learned about their existence roughly 6 years ago, not long after relocating to the Triad.

The concept really resonated with me, so I read up on it and soon got more information by taking classes from a local medium. The Woo Crew and I have had endless discussions about them, and whenever the topic of spirit guides comes up in conversation with my “woo curious” friends I always get asked “So HOW exactly do you talk to your spirit guides?” I am guessing that everyone does something different and unique, which is exactly how it should be.

Some experts recommend that you start with affirmations before talking to your guides – statements like: “I am loved” “I am whole” “I am confident” or “I have abundance in all areas of my life”. I do this on occasion, but not on the regular. I’ve also heard that we should carve out a specific time & place daily for these conversations and do our best to stick to it. Makes sense, but it’s not really my thing. I have enough routine in my life and prefer to go with the flow when it comes to spiritual things. I find that I connect best when I am out walking the nature trails near my home, or just prior to falling asleep at night. It’s my own form of prayer.

My typical intro goes something like this: “I welcome my spirit guides. I welcome my ancestors and loved ones in spirit. All guides with my highest good in mind. I welcome the wisdom of my all-knowing higher self. My protector guides, teaching guides, personal guides, and benevolent helpers from all realms. I ask that you come forward and be with me now. “

Ok, so what next? For me, that depends on what whatever might be going on in my life:

“Guides, today I will be interviewing for a job at XYZ Company at 3pm. I ask that you help me to maintain my focus & composure, and please assist me in finding the best answers to all questions asked of me. Help me to project positivity and resourcefulness. I welcome the intervention of any communication guides, technology guides, and guides who specialize in effective presentation.”

“Tomorrow I am traveling to _________ to visit with my family. Thank you in advance for keeping me safe throughout my trip. Archangel Michael, please cast your web of protection around my vehicle/airplane and ensure that I arrive at my destination in an expedient manner, while clearing any obstacles that may appear. Thank you for easy conversations and laughter throughout my visit.”

“Lately I am feeling called to learn more about (astral travel, yoga, fashion, real estate, physics, speaking Portuguese – the list here is endless!). Please empower me to proceed if it is for my highest good. Thank you for placing helpful contacts and sources in my path and thank you for clear signs of encouragement.”

“Guides, I thank you for my health. I know that I take it for granted, and I ask for your assistance in taking better care of myself as I age. Thank you for helping me to overcome my insane cravings for chocolate and prosecco, and for providing the energy I need to become more active with each day that passes. Thank you in advance for gentle lessons when any physical matters must be brought to my attention.”

The above are quite specific – but there are times when I am tired, disinterested, or brain-dead, and I still want to maintain communication with my spirit guides. (All successful relationships need nurturing, right?) Below are some generic examples for times like this:

“Guides, I thank you for wisdom and for compassion. I thank you for joy, for my family and friends, and for incredible luck in all areas of life. Thank you for…
…love, abundance, peace, and security.
…the kindness of strangers and the support of my colleagues and loved ones.
…helping me to practice mindful self-care, and please teach me new ways to do this each day.
Help me to always project warmth, understanding, & confidence in my dealings with others.”

“Thank you for financial abundance and for ensuring that all my needs are met during this lifetime. I acknowledge that money flows easily and frequently to me. I know that the Universe is always generous, and I am grateful for this.”

That’s my own basic formula for GUIDETALK. If these examples assist just one person in building a stronger relationship with their spirit guides, then color me happy! How do YOU talk to your guides? The Woo Crew would love to know, so let us hear from you! As always, thanks for tuning in.

Much Love,


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