Episode 57: Gone Squatchin’

Sasquatch, BigFoot, Yeti, Rugaru. There are many names for this supernatural creature but the Woo Crew calls him friend.
Whether you’re a believer or skeptic, you are sure to be entertained as we geek out on all things Squatch.

What type of being is BigFoot?

What are the origins of the word Sasquatch and the legends behind it?

Why are there so many sightings but no evidence of the Squatch?

Can BigFoot be a Spirit Guide?

In this episode we’ll share some facts and some of our theories on Squatch. Believe it or not , more than half of the members of this podcast have actually had interactions with the Big Man and we spill all the tea about those visits.

We also share where we go to learn more about our hairy friend. There are some amazing podcasts with unexpected perspectives on the who, what, and why of Sasquatch.  Hope you enjoy!

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